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Services in Kiev

Our priority is to guarantee the quality of supplied
products and services , including maintenance
Systematic monitoring of elevator equipment , provides
timely identification of parts and components subject to wear .
We manufacture warranty and post-warranty service
maintaining and restoring performance
elevator equipment and the provision of guaranteed security
on the elevators .
Professional lift maintenance , with maintenance
full functionality and security, carried out in the performance
it only specialized organizations .
We react quickly and accurately to the request of the customer , from preparation
all documents and documentation , supply of necessary equipment and spare
hazardous parts, to carry out all kinds of high-quality technical
service .

The company " Ital- Lift" successfully operates on
replacement of elevators and elevator equipment in residential , commercial and
the industrial sector.
Specializing in the field, our experts
produce a range of works on replacement of an elevator in compliance with existing
rules and regulations in strict accordance with the design documentation .
We make replacement of elevator and other handling
equipment of all leading elevator companies manufacturers
with careful monitoring of the quality of the work performed.