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C.V. Ascensori was founded in 1987 in Milan, Italy, where the company started its maintenance and repair business of OTIS- FALCONI - SCHINDLER - FIAM and I.G.V. elevators and freight elevators.
In 1990 in Lyon, France, we worked as subcontractors for OTIS and carried out major works in realizing and transforming the first electronic elevators (ELEVONIC).

Since 1995 C.V. Ascensori has been a market leader in the Baltic States in the Elevator Cabins and Button Panels supply and as well as in the sale of complete elevator systems, components and spare parts.

C.V. Ascensori is one of the most successful companies in this industry. In fact, in collaboration with other companies in the same field, offers complete lift systems providing Quality and Prestige, by using top quality components that guarantee outstanding reliability and safety.
Depending on our client’s requests and financial means, we can offer more affordable systems, supplying traditional and ordinary elevators, always with high quality mechanical and electrical equipment.
Relying on an excellent productive organization managed by highly qualified people, the company through its expertise and research and development capabilities is able to provide a constantly updated production, according to the client and market requirements.
As an outcome, our products are always up to date in accordance with the most recent technological guidelines and in compliance with the current European regulations to guarantee safety and resistance.

C.V. Ascensori offers fast service and always new solutions, guaranteeing outstanding professionalism.
C.V. Ascensori avails itself of companies well-equipped for processing any type of materials thus manufacturing innovative cabins not only in terms of style and technology, but extremely easy to install as well. The highest quality is guaranteed. 

C.V. Ascensori  is also located in Ukraine where through Ital-Lift Ltd provides full support during the entire process, from the planning phase to  installation and up to  final delivery and maintenance of the finished product, guaranteeing professionalism, safety and the quality of our products.

We offer standard and customized ELEVATORS, with a wide variety of finishes, according to your specification.